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How to custom your electric vehicles style!

The future of the electric vehicles industry will certainly start customization, because every consumer always has a little bit of regret in the purchase of the vehicles, for example, some configuration consumers requirement, actually there is no such configuration. Or some outlook of vehicles cannot fit of consumers preferences. How to make consumers no regret in the election? Siristar customization service will make it come true.

What a year 2016 has been! Many things didn’t go the way I had expected them to go, but the customization electric vehicles have some very important developments, and we are here to spell them out for you.


Top 1,Smart outlook customization

The reason it is news, is that…it really opened the eyes of a lot of entrepreneurs to the possibilities outlook of electric tricycle.


Top2, Multi-function customization

The special customization finally had a big success, not only can be used for land,but also be used in the water.


Top3,New 3D printing technology

3D printing technology is one of the representatives of the new industrial technology.




If you want to keep an eye on new developments, you can contact with us,we are one of the biggest manufacturer in electric tricycle, electric car and boat etc producing designing and selling all kinds of new energy products, we accept the customization service, any requirement welcome to contact with us!

Step1: Submit the requirements specification by buyers

Step2: Propose the solutions by sellers

Step3: Confirmation by buyers and sellers(Include the cost,time etc)

Step4: Sign a contract

Step5: Develop the customization products by sellers

Step6: Operate a trail order

Step7: Confirmation by buyers(feedback to seller )

Step8: Arrange to production and Delivery