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Group Introduction



SIRISTAR Vehicles is a modern manufacturing company specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of electric vehicles,four wheel vehicles, petrol tricycles, electricspecial vehicles, electric yachts etc. SIRISTAR Vehicles plants are located in Xinxiang,

Henan province. It’s a national promote new energy vehicles and important industrial city in China.Today, it has grown up into the most technologically and large advanced manufacturing base of various electric vehicles in China. Today, SIRISTAR Vehicles is creating
value for customers all over the world by constantly elevating its products and services. We are dedicated to developing business with you and become your strong and trusted business partner.


SIRISTAR GROUP SIRISTAR Vehicles- XM is engaged development, sales and service as one of professional production in electric tricycles, electric four-wheel vehicles, especially electric boat and electric special vehicle. Electric tricycle using the domestic advanced electrostatic spray technology to ensure the appearance of the vehicles. In 2012, the company developed an electric yachts and has a unique technical information and production technology. 

As the kind of product of green environmental protection, it is good choice for leisure, sightseeing and entertainment.


★SIRISTAR Vehicles- FS mainly engaged in electric tricycle for cargo and passengers. Factory designed products according to international safety standards and each products by high quality inspection line. Based on years of experience and advanced technology, professional technicians to develop a series of new products from time to time in the market. The factory product has taken the lead in the passing ISO 9001 Quality System Certification, ISO 14001   SIRISTAR GROUP

Environment Certification and other requirements of the qualification certificate. Many products have obtained the national patent.


SIRISTAR GROUP ★SIRISTAR Vehicles- XG mainly engaged in electric tricycle and electric car. XINGE company based on the safety requirement to design products strictly, using the Japanese robot positioning welding, each product by the high-precision detection line to check the quality, and introduced advanced environmental equipment. The company’s product has taken the lead in the passing the CCC certification, 

ISO9001Quality Management System, ISO14001Environment Management System, OHSMS18001 Occupation Health and Safety Management System in the same profession

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