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The Electric Mobile Dining Car Cooperation With State Grid Corporation of China

State Grid Corporation Of China established a long-term relationship about electric mobile dining car. The purpose is to promote economic development, and lead low-income family increase incomes.
The sample of food car which was customized from Siristar Vehicles by the State Grid Corporation of China. The government stressed on many occasions that mass entrepreneurship and innovation as a new economic growth, herein the State Grid purchased the electrical food vehicles from us to rent for people whom need help.
                                  SIRISTAR GROUP
Why choose Siristar Vehicles electric mobile trucks? 
1.Environmental motors and materials
   The electric mobile food truck adopt new technology “4+2+1” thermal insulation material. the new type flame-retarded,fire-proof thermal insulation material,we did one test,she could keep in 25 degrees celsius even the outside temperature up to 50 degree celsius,we have applied patent for this new type material.
2.Mobile food truck more cleaner and tiny
   The old street food business is confused and the food sanitation is no guarantee. Now the mobile dining car inside equipments meet the health standards and it can move freely. No noise and environmental, it changes many people’s life and street food culture.
3.Unique design
   Siristar Vehicles has great design and research ability. It can customized according to your requirements. The beautiful appearance make the street food culture to be a great scenery line in china cities. Great body design bring more consumers and business opportunities.
4.Boosting the economic development
   The most important is that relieved urban stresses and help more young entrepreneur to achieved the food business dream. The low-income families have chance to increase income by low-cost invest. And at the same time, it gives consumer a great shopping experience.
                                    SIRISTAR GROUP
Now, Siristar Vehicles has designed many original models according market demand. More details pls contact us