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Siristar Mobile Food Trucks Show In Guangzhou Gourmet Festival

Guangzhou International Gourmet Festival will be hold on 11.10~19, November, 2017. It is a festival with food, entertainment, trading and traveling activities by Guangzhou government.




Guangzhou International Gourmet Festival will be hold every year since 1987. The scale is more bigger and attractive many food and beverage industry people which from domestic and foreign join it. It has been became a international folk festivals.




Fortunately, Siristar new design food trucks will show in the Guangzhou International Gourmet Festival. It will be the first mobile food truck in gourmet festival. 


For meeting the market, our design team combine food characteristics and culture, design some models make it special and attractive more consumers and achieved a great street culture.




The mobile food trucks make the food and beverage industry make clean, convenient, beauty and earn more money for food business owners. It is gradually forming a popular street food culture. 
All of our mobile food trucks adopt “4+2+1” material and the material already been applied patents "2+4+1 thermal insulation material", which is the new type flame-retarded,fire-proof thermal insulation material,to make the car keep warm in winter and cool in summer. Whenever what kind of food business do you want to start, we will give you the most support. The appearance can be customized according to your food type to bring more people. 
The most exciting news is “Dealers Wanted”. We are looking for partners from different markets. Every years, our design team will be promote some new models to meet the markets. We will do win-win with our partners. Welcome to join us.
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