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Reveal the secrets of the tricycle factory

      Last week, we launched a live broadcast of the factory for consumers. The normal live broadcast lasted for nearly two hours, attracted hundreds of people's attention, and received unanimous praise from the audience in the live broadcast room. Many of them intend to conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation with our business directly.


     In this live broadcast event, the factory’s exhibition hall and production line were introduced respectively. In the exhibition hall, our sales staff Linda and Vicky gave a detailed explanation and demonstration of our 2020 new products and old scooters. We closed the tricycle for a brief introduction.

     After that, our business leaders Daniel and Sam gave a brief introduction to the history of the factory, and gave a detailed introduction to the production assembly line, installation and inspection, warehouse, etc., and then detailed some of our best-selling fuel tricycles. The introduction allows you to see the various components of our tricycle at close range through our lens.SIRISTAR GROUP

    Friends who missed this live broadcast can watch our live broadcast replay, or watch our next two live broadcasts: First: March 23, 16:00-18:00 pm. Second: March On the 30th, 14:00-16:00 pm. We are waiting for your arrival in the live broadcast room.